Hello, this is the home for my computer collection in London, UK.

I primarily collect and restore Apple-related hardware, software, literature, and selected merchandise dating from 1983—93. However, other interesting stuff creeps in too, especially historically significant mobile devices manufactured by companies such as General Magic, Psion, and Palm (very much inspired by Bill Buxton's collection).

One focus of my collection is anything to do with HyperCard by Bill Atkinson. Everything from The Manhole (whose developers went on to create Myst), to Culture 1.0 (a proto-wikipedia on many floppy disks), to Laserdisc-enhanced encyclopedias.

I also like to create software using HyperCard and I'll be making my HyperCard Stacks available here for download. It's also what gave me the idea for naming this site - HyperTalk is the scripting language created (by Dan Winkler) for use in HyperCard.

My HyperCard stacks


This is inspired by the shareware game Stunt Copter by Duane Blehm. I made HyperStunt to learn more about what HyperTalk was capable of. I figured it was a simple enough game that I could recreate it fairly easily; I was right and wrong. I needed help on a lot of the physics around the movement of the helicopter and dropping the man (thank you Ben and Jono), but otherwise it was good fun to get it working, even if it took me the best part of a year!

Mostly I learnt that HyperTalk is totally unsuited to this kind of game as it's just too slow. Hence the slightly ridiculous CPU requirements! It should run on slower Macs, but it'll be very boring to play.

Download HyperStunt-1.0.1.sit (July 2017).


  • HyperCard/HyperCard Player 2.0 or above
  • 25mhz 68040 or better processor
  • at least 640 x 400 resolution display

My collection

I record my collection in an Airtable database. Therefore the easiest way to share it is to embed the database here. It's currently missing a few bits and pieces, but covers most of my software, books and other ephemera.

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